HOUSTON – Watson Grinding & Manufacturing announces in-house and on-site electrical runout (ERO) and mechanical runout (MRO) testing for inspecting the circular geometry of a part.

When it comes to high performance machinery, the geometry of their surfaces is critical.  Due to rotor dynamics, tight tolerances govern surface on surface and part to part geometry.  Our Quality Assurance goal is to manufacture parts with the lowest runout.  Mechanical runout is the deviation from a perfectly uniform radius as its circumference is traversed.  Electrical Runout is a shafts electrical property variations as its circumference is traversed.

These tests are performed using specialized measurement devices that collect data through stationery probes while the part is being precisely rotated.  Data collected will detect any runout there may be in the part’s circular geometry.



Watson Grinding & Mfg. is a full-scale machine shop offering a multitude of processes and solutions for our customers.  We specialize in carbide and ceramic thermal spray coatings via High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) and Plasma Thermal Spray applications. The addition of a robotic thermal spray facility and an on-site ISO 17025:2005 metallurgical laboratory in recent years have made us a leader in the precise application of thermal spray coatings dramatically extending the service life of parts in highly corrosive or wear-intensive environments. In addition, we grind and mill exotic alloys, hard metals, and large parts as well as manufacture and service a wide variety of parts including shafts, valves, and rotating and pump components. Strategic investments and technical innovations have consistently enhanced our capabilities and allowed us to provide our wide array of services.