Grinding Shop Expansion 2013

HOUSTON – Watson Grinding & Manufacturing announces the expansion of its Grinding operations.  An 8,000 square foot facility was added to the campus, which currently includes 77,000 square feet of facilities.  The new facility is now in operation and allows for increased grinding machine capacity and increased operational efficiency.  The company is also undergoing construction for a 19,000 square foot valve repair facility.  Soon the campus will span several city blocks and encompass more than 5 buildings with over 84,000 square feet total.

Watson Grinding & Mfg. is a full-scale machine shop, offering specialty carbide and ceramic thermal spray coatings via HVOF and Plasma application.   We manufacture and service a wide variety of parts, including shafts, valves, rotating and pump components.  Specifically, we specialize in turning and milling exotic alloys, hard metals and large parts.  Strategic investments and technical innovations have consistently enhanced our capabilities.  The addition of a robotic thermal spray facility and an on-site metallurgical laboratory in recent years have made us a leader in the precise application of thermal spray coatings, dramatically extending the service life of parts in highly corrosive or wear intensive environments.  Our machined parts are used in a variety of severe service processes and in various applications.